BTS offer a range of in-house tree surveying and tree consultancy work undertaken by Julian Maynard (FdSc Arboriculture). We currently work with both domestic & commercial customers on a number of tree surveying and consultancy projects

We will discuss your requirements and advise of an appropriate level of consultancy to meet with your needs. Whilst we look to individualise all our reports, listed below are some common formats around which your report can be based:

Small and large scale tree surveys 

Ranging from single properties to large parks and estates. General tree inventories to support long term management plans etc.

Tree Protection Planning / Tree Protection Orders

Assistance with planning applications relating to tree protection orders or trees within conservation areas.

The inspection of trees for health and safety 

The inspection of trees from ground level (or where required by climbing the tree), providing detailed analysis of defects and their consequence.

Method statements

Arboricultural information and constraints to inform other specialists, insuring damage caused by construction operations are minimised and that the value of retained trees is maximised. Often required to discharge planning conditions.

Arboricultural implications assessment

A study of development proposals to identify, evaluate and possibly mitigate the direct and indirect impact of the proposal on existing trees.